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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> i'm dying inside. i'm dying. i'm dying right with him. >> reporter: freda brooks can barely stand when thinking about the death of her 18-year-old son douglas brooks, a kid so gifted he graduated school at the age of 16 at the top of his class. >> he was a smart boy. i didn't want him to be a rapper. >> reporter: but music is what he loved and what he chose to pursue instead of the college scholarship he was overed. >> he mace hid own mark and made his own name. he took his money, allowance, christmas, everything for studio time. and did what he had to do. >> reporter: 1:00 sunday morning, brooks was shot and killed just steps from his mother's door in an ambush-style shooting. >> mr. brooks was standing in the parking lot of an apartment complex when several subjects, males, approached him and began
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>> reporter: police believe there may be four to five suspects. they are searching for a motive. >> we are working hard to make an arrest. >> reporter: this young local talent on his way to something bigger has been silenced. >> he was one of the best rappers i have met, i have heard, his unique style of putting together words. >> reporter: right now, this case is wide open. prince george's county police are looking for a motive, now, on seegs media, some people have tweeted believing that they know what may have led to this young rapper's death. coming up on news4 at 6:00, what the police have to say to those people. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you all in the studio, jim. >> tracee, thank you. what may have sparked this fire
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kennelworth avenue. firefighters from prince george's and montgomery counties worked to knockout most of the flames over the last several hours. we'll have a live report from the scene on the fire's impact in that area later in this hour. now to the race for the white house where donald trump is denying e-mails involving hillary clinton. clinton herself is off the campaign trail attending fundraising events in california but the state department is reviewing 15,000 e-mails that were previously undisclosed. lawyers for the state department say that some of those e-mails could become public by mid-october. donald trump telling fox news that he's working to come up
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with an answer to the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in our country. over the weekend, trump met with latino leaders and his campaign manager suggested that the deportation force is still tbd. trump will be in ohio tonight. virginia governor terry mcauliffe is restoring voting rights to former felons, about 13,000 to start. he made the announcement in richmond and said he's going to fulfill his promise. the supreme court ruled that he couldn't grant them all by executive action so the governor says he set up a system to review individual records and restore rights on a case-by-case basis. >> we have established a logical approach moving forward that is consistent with the court's decision and keeping with the
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governor's for the restoration of rights. we are using criteria that are objective, fair and will provide eligibility. >> julie carey has reaction to the governor's move. julie? >> reporter: well, as you mentioned, 13,000 felons are waiting for answers. 200,000 will have to have their cases reviewed before they, too, will regain the right to vote. >> reporter: never in the life has he had a chance to vote so he was thrilled when governor terry mcauliffe handed him an order restoring the former felon's voting rights. mcneil went to voter registration to ask about early voting. >> then what happened is the rug got pulled from under me, so
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speak. >> reporter: this is the letter he received shortly after the virginia supreme court ruled that the governor's blanket restorations were unconstitutional. it informed mcneil his voter registration had been canceled. today, with the latest announcement, he has hope that he will be among the 13,000 whose voting rights will be reinstated. >> i will be looking at the mailbox today. >> reporter: how hopeful are you? >> very hopeful. >> reporter: harld hughes lost his right to vote before the 2008 election. he's hoping that he can, once again, cast a ballot. >> voting is a part of life and once you've done your time and paid your fines, you should be a part of society with all of the rights that are given to society. >> reporter: those who criticized and challenged the governor's original restoration plan still see problems with this one. loudoun county's
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seen the list of those getting rights restored and said it includes some he doesn't think has paid their full debt to society. >> and i have one defendant who owes 100,000 in victim restitution but is on unsupervised supervision. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, i'll take a look at the governor's new plan for reviewing the other 200,000 ex-felons who have not sought the right to register to vote. as for mcneil, he went home and there was something in his mailbox. i'll tell you what it was at 6:00. >> julie, thank you. in just about an hour, funeral services will get under way for the son of the late long-time mayor and d.c. council member marion barry. friends and family are gathering in southeast to remember marion christian barry. wn
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ran for his father's seat but fell short. the younger barry passed away earlier this month from an apparent drug overdose. christopher barry was 36 years old. now a scary situation for a woman in arlington. police tell us a man grabbed her as she walked home from d.c. early sunday morning and tried to sexually assault her. this happened on the virginia side of the key bridge near where the gw parkway is. pat collins has the details. >> reporter: she was just trying to walk home when she was sexually assaulted. it all happened back there on the key bridge. >> a brazen attack, very scared for the female victim in this case. >> reporter: it was spontaneous, it was violent, it could have had dire consequences. the victim, a 27-year-old
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the scene, the key bridge. the time, 2:30 sunday morning. she was walking from dupont circle to her home in arlington. just as she got to the edge of the fence, at the edge of the bridge, she was passed by a man, a man who quickly turned and grabbed her and then pulled her down to the brush below. it was down there it got even more physical. >> once he pulled her off to the side, he attempted to place her hands up her shorts. the female victim fought back. when she did, he put his hand over her mouth. she continued to fight back and she was able to free herself from the male suspect. >> reporter: there are signs beneath the bridge that people hang out here. is the suspect familiar with the area or just someone who was passing by? she resisted this attacker? >>
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she fought back against him. >> reporter: is that what you recommend? >> you have to take whatever steps you feel are appropriate in that situation. >> reporter: what happened here is troubling news for bridge walkers. more on that coming up at 6:00, live in arlington, pat collins, news4. low to mid-80s, nice breeze, low humidity. are we still in washington? what a nice day. we haven't had a morning this nice since late june. right now, we're in the low to mid-80s. 85 in washington and that is our high so far today. 82 up in frederick. another repeat performance. still spectacular. over the next seven hours, around 8:00, we're in the mid-70s. temperatures across the area falling into the 60s. open up the windows and
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to do that through thursday morning. really comfortable during the overnight hours. here's what you can expect tomorrow morning in your neighborhood. it's comfortably cool. you could maybe, maybe grab a light jacket. by the afternoon, it will be spectacular. when we hit 90 degrees coming up in my full forecast. >> amelia, thanks. still ahead, the fallout from the ryan lochte and the lie he told in rio. the companies that are cutting ties with the swimmer. and new information about screening for breast cancer. the one factor that can help you decide how often you need a mammogram. coming up on news4, it's back to school for thousands of kids in our area. i'm mark segrave s.i'
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summer, unfortunately for some, ended today for thousands of kids who went back to school. all 104 d.c. public schools opened up their doors. derrick ward was at an elementary school in northwest d.c. it will take part in blending learning this year. students wil
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tools to help them learn. some students in the district are walking into brand-new buildings today. one of those schools comes with a bit of couldnntroversy. mark segraves is outside the all-boys school. >> reporter: this is in northeast washington and it's part of mayor bowser's program to empower young men of color but when this was first announced, it met with resistance by those who questioned publicly funding programs that aren't available to every student. >> this is a dream come true for a lot of us. >> reporter: standing outside of the all-male high school, the chancellor and mayor defended their plan to focus on a school solely of color. >> stay tuned. you'll see empowering women of
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color shortly. >> if we invest in them early, we'll have less intervention to deal with families down the line. >> reporter: one of those young men is 14-year-old abselon bowling who lives in anacostia. >> i felt like this would be a good choice for me. >> reporter: our transition from children into men has been a resounding success. >> great job. >> i just think that it's a great reflection of our student body and the students that will come to this school to learn. >> reporter: students across the district head back to classrooms today and there will be a lot of people watching to see if the new school succeeds and nows that he'll be part of that focus. >> there is a huge target on my back now. there's a lot of high expectations for me. >>
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young man. there was a pilot program for the extended school year. all of this comes as mayor bowser is looking to replace a new contract with teachers. you may have noticed the uniforms. coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you about the coat and tie policy. angie, back to you. >> mark, thank you. virginia health officials now warning about several recent cases about hepatitis a that they have linked to strawberry smoothies which included frozen strawberries that came from egypt used at tropical cafes across the commonwealth. officials say anyone who has had one in the past 50 days should watch for signs of the virus. that can include nausea, fatigue, as well as
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>> you should always wash your fresh produce because they get tossed around in the grocery store abecome contaminated. they are extremely porous and viruses and bacteria can get in deep and it's very hard to, you know, get them out. >> experts say a vaccine taken within two weeks of exposure can be effective in preventing the disease. and there's new information tonight when it comes to screening for breast cancer. women between the ages of 50 and 74. a new study by the annals of internal medicine says tailored screening may provide the best benefits. experts say mammograms should be completed every two years for women with average risk of breast cancer. women at higher risk with
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annual screening while every three years appeared to be adequate with women with low-density breast tissue and low risk. the attorney general of wisconsin says it could be weeks before we learn more about officers shooting and killing smith after running off after a traffic stop and pointing a gun at the officer. two police body cameras captured the shooting. >> we're releasing the video and will compromise our ability to make sure we are getting the truth. in the end, the public needs to have confidence that the process was an effective search for the truth. >> the a.g. says preliminary autopsy results have been shared with smith's family. a worker at a 7-eleven shot and killed by a man police say was on a crime spree. coming up, the new video
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we've been talking about this pattern change for over a week and finally it's here. we're not dealing with excessive heat
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there's a nice breeze, plenty of sun. we're going to have the exact same weather tomorrow, just not as breezy. here are your weather headlines. this is the best weather we've had in weeks, especially overnight and into the early morning hours. it's really comfortable. temperatures in the 60s, even some spots in the 50s. dry for days. really no rain in the forecast. maybe an isolated thunderstorm later in the day on friday. as we look to the weekend, it's hot but thankfully not too humid out there. 7:00 a.m., we start off the day at 67 degrees in washington. you need your sunglasses for the morning commute. sun glare is your only problem heading into work tomorrow. 59 in gaithersburg to 60 in leesburg by lunchtime, spectacular. 80 degrees at noon. a high tomorrow of 85 and that's our high today. so far, by 8:00 p.m., 78 degrees. windows open kinds of weather. it's also the kind of
5:23 pm
get chilly really easily. you may want to wear the long sleeves. tuesday, crisp like this morning. i stepped out this morning and it felt like fall. a lot of kids heading back to school. outdoor exercise, it's comfortable. if you have dinner out, anticipate temperatures in the 80s and 70s. so really, really nice. humidity levels over the next few days, tomorrow and wednesday, it stays nice. over the weekend, slightly muggy. nothing oppressive or nothing we can't take. good idea to get the car washed. looking at dry weather again for days. and here's a look at the next ten days. wednesday, a high of 88. we warm up but with low humidity. it's not feeling like 80.
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during the afternoon hours, thursday and friday, highs around 90. here's your weekend. highs around 90 and then even next week, for the most part, the only hot day is tuesday. if you're heading to wolf trap, gl grab the long sleeves. tom will have a look at what to expect if you're heading up to baltimore as the nationals take on the orioles. well, a new hurdle in the effort to contain the spread of the zika virus. >> it's now in two communities in miami but the return of kids to school pose as new challenge today. still ahead, the new pressure being put on congress to help stem the outbreak. plus, the new video being released as co-workers remember the man murdered in a 7-eleven.
5:25 pm
a commercial building fire in bladensburg went to a three alarm what the.
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minutes ago at 5:00 -- >> he made his own park, his own name. >> we spoke to a mother as she remembers her son, a local rapper, gunned down on her
5:28 pm
doorstep over the weekend as police search for the killer in. also, we told you about terry mcauliffe who is about to return voting rights to thousands of felons. and the murder of convenience store clerk. we will speak to those who knew the victim. and our scott macfarlane is going through records about where in maryland you'll see new faces at the front of the classroom. in the last half hour, we've learned more about the stunning and massive fire the latest on what turned in to a three-alarm blaze. wve
5:29 pm
>> reporter: this video shows an early stages of the fire fight as the intense flames were growing, too much for a few firefighters. it went to three alarms. the big, black billowing smoke filling the sky. dozens of firefighters were called here to abc supply on kennelworth avenue. it took hours to get it under control. the smoke could be seen for miles. it was contained to an open air loading dock. the biggest challenge was foam insulation, when it melts, it's toxic. >> you remember the fire we had last year, the same type of material, that foam insulation, it becomes a molten. >> reporter:
5:30 pm
he's called this place home for 21 years. billy lives in the county and saw the smoke and came to get a closer look. >> first thing came to my mind, i hope nobody got trapped in there. that's the main thing i was concerned about, nobody getting trapped. i think they are going to be a while before they are done with this. >> reporter: the fire is now out but if you can take a look here, there's still a number of trucks here and clean-up work to be done as they continue to investigate to try and find the cause. i'm standing on kennelworth avenue as it remains closed down for several blocks. he detours are in place. the chief addresses why at first just a single engine was dispatched to this fire. back to you. >> darcy, thank you. a judge has dropped the case
5:31 pm
growing pot. police found at least 17 marijuana growing plants in basements and indications that he planned to deal it. but again, we just learned that that case has now been dropped. no response yet from prosecutors. the case is being handled by the u.s. justice department. a germantown man is facing charges tonight for harassing and stalking miss maryland. police arrested valencio pires. hannah brewer says she received unwanted e-mails and contact on social media. he's been ordered to stop all contact with brewer who is currently preparing for the miss america pageant next month. new today, we're hearing from the family of a 22-year-old man who was killed at a house party. he was shot around 1:00 in the mo
5:32 pm
there was a small gathering happening there at the time. his mother had this to say about the loss of her only son. >> my heart is broke. i literally, literally feel like there's a hole in my heart because my baby is gone. he can never call me and say, ma, how was your day? he can't call me every sunday at 4:00 and text to see if i'm at home he then we face time for an hour. that won't happen anymore. >> his mother talked with us today outside of police headquarters. she says it's also said that people have not come forward to tell investigators exactly what happened. also in prince george's county, police are trying to track down a man who they say shot and killed a 7-eleven worker. this happened over the weekend and the same man is suspected in a separate robbery. david culver reports from clinton where he talked with people who
5:33 pm
>> reporter: you can see a very clear police presence outside of the clinton 7-eleven and there was an obvious sadness in their eyes as they mourned one of their colleagues. police are searching for two back-to-back violent crimes suspects. when he walked out, his face said it all. >> when you walked out, you and i connected eyes and you said, this has got to stop. >> it doesn't make sense. go get a job. i mean, it's no amount of money in there, no amount of merchandise that could trade for that man's life. >> it's just unbelievable. >> ricky stevens broke in to tears as they told them the man who was killed, a clerk he knew well. >> very nice. alwaov
5:34 pm
would ask how he's doing. >> reporter: just before 5:00 on saturday morning, police say this man walked in to the 7-eleven off of brandy wine road and tried to rob it. he opened fire killing the 31-year-old clerk. police believe the same suspect went about five minutes down the road where he robbed a nearby hotel. two violent crimes in just a few minute's time. the surveillance images not showing a face but police hope you may recognize the clothes or backpack. >> unacceptable for someone to lose their life at 7-eleven trying to make a living for their family. >> reporter: the sign on the door reading a $25,000 reward for anyone who has information in either of these crimes. police say they certainly want to hear from you. they help you can help solve the crime. in clinton, maryland, david culver, news4. the first career firefighter in the history of manassas, virginia, is abouto
5:35 pm
firestation for 52 years. wade says the favorite part of the job is helping people and he's going to miss that. but he says firefighting has come a long way and he's witnessed lots of improvement and techniques. >> today, we have a lot better gear than when i first came in to the service. today, you have the hoods. when i came in, you didn't. you wrapped a towel around you to keep the steam and heat away from you. >> tonight, the city council will honor house for his service. you can expect to see him volunteering at the firefighter's museum located right in his old firehouse. you just can't keep him away. >> you can't. it's in his blood. the losses begin to mount for swimmer ryan lochte. >> today, three responsponsors announced they are out.
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speedo, ralph lauren and a hair removal product say they are cutting ties with swimmer ryan lochte after revelations he lied about getting robbed at gunpoint in rio. forbes estimated that his sponsorship for these summer games
5:39 pm
and $2 million. the u.s. olympic committee is also considering possible punishment. lochte told matt lauer that he takes full responsibility. all of the athletes who took part in rio in 14 different sports and at 14, maryland olympians took home more gold medals than most countries. coming just behind the u.s., china, great britain, russia and germany. that, of course, includes maryland's michael phelps and bethesda's katie ledecky. in baltimore, it's the start of the beltway. nats versus the o's. >> yes, a hot matchup there. jason pugh is there. fans are going to be disappointed to not see
5:40 pm
strasburg tonight? >> reporter: yes. if you've been wondering where he doesn't look like himself, we may have found out the answer. elbow soreness for the nationals pit pitcher, he will not start out tonight. here's what dusty baker had to say about the injury here at camden yards. >> he came in and said, hey, man, my elbow is a little stiff and i said, okay, i've got to take care of it and see what is wrong. and he said, but i can pitch. i said, no, let's check it out. you've got a long way to go. i told him we haven't won anything yet and we've got to look at the big picture of this. >> reporter: the nationals fresh off taking three out of four
5:41 pm
atlanta braves. they lead the division by 8 1/2 games right now over the marlins. they are trying to keep their foot on the gas pedal for the next 39 games to finish out the season. as for the orioles, an important series for both teams. >> it's always a lot of fun. like you said, a lot of our fans were originally orioles fans and they have been playing great baseball. it's fun to be involved in that and it's always a fun series. >> reporter: so it should be a fun series, a fun game tonight even though steven strasburg will not be on the pitch. that's it for us. back to you in the studio. >> have fun, jason, thanks so much. a recall affecting thousands of cars on our roads. why there's an increased r
5:42 pm
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tonight, two separate recalls to tell you about this evening. one affecting more than 100 thousand cars. >> that's right. there are safety issues that affect not only brakes but acceleration. susan hogan here in the studio joining us with more of what we need to know. susan? >> that's right. the national highway safety administration
5:45 pm
mitsubishi are affected. it's recalling elantra 2013 models. the automaker says there can be a problem with the brake lights staying on or the transmission moving out of park. and then outlander, the lancer 2016 models due to a problem that can delay acceleration and certain driving conditions. you can search for these vehicle recalls and any others that may affect you and your family. open up our nbc washington app and search vehicle recalls. angie? >> susan, thank you for that good information. back to school in frederick county today and one week from today montgomery county is going to return and there will be a lot of new faces at the front of the classroom as well. news4's scott macfarlane has more on that. hey, scott. >> a big i
5:46 pm
243 new teachers in frederick county started today. that's about a 30% increase from this time last year. the heavier concentration of retirement last year is likely why. in montgomery county, 1,065, nearly double from 2015-2016 year. the county gave schools additional funding to reduce class sizes. and montgomery county also has what they considered a significant number of retirements last year, too. they are back to school on monday. >> scott macfarlane, thank you. a new school year mean as fresh start for you and your student. molette green has that story. >> reporte s
5:47 pm
for william. >> it is supposed to help me in math. >> reporter: this 10-year-old is prepping her supplies for fifth grade. >> i'm so happy because i get to see all of my friends and the teachers that i miss and getting to go to middle school. >> reporter: with supplies around her, she is ready to start high school after finishing up summer bridge classes. >> they say it will be harder throughout the school year but it's just to get us int us doed to it. >> reporter: their mom admits that they are handling back-to-school stress better than she is. >> they are not nervous p i'm nervous. >> you want to make sure that you are well-rested, levelheaded and appear very, very calm the first day so when you are sending them off, it's with a smile onur
5:48 pm
impact performance in the classroom, experts say really talk to your kids a lot and even to their teachers about how things are going and treat back to school like a marathon, not a sprint. in northwest, molette green, news4. nbc 4 is working for you in the community. we're teaming up with apple federal credit union for the annual backpack for kids drive. on wednesday morning, drop off school supply donations at the credit unions kingstown branch. that's in alexandria. erika gonzalez and amelia draper will be there. go to and search backpacks for kids. now to some wild weather causing big problems across the country, everything from flooding to fires to tornadoes. and president obama heads to louisiana tomorrow to see the damage caused by all of this widespread flooding in the southern part of the state.
5:49 pm
of this morning, more than 60,000 homes have been reported damaged or destroyed. and more than 100,000 residents have registered for federal disaster help. meanwhile, in new england, the national weather service confirmed that a tornado touched down in concord, massachusetts, with winds estimated around 100 miles an hour taking down trees there, damaging more than a dozen homes. in california, firefighters are dealing with several wildfires, including one that is currently 50 square miles of land that has been charged. there is concern that it may get close to the historic herse castle. wow, we got a huge break. >> you kept saying all weekend, hang in there, hang in there. the
5:50 pm
is this real? is this washington? is it august? am i on tv? >> we've got the lower humidity that rolled in overnight and it is in place and you can see it, the live view from our storm team 4 city camera. excellent visibility, which are two words i rarely say in august. we have it with us today. there's the washington monument. that's the live view from the city camera on this monday afternoon. storm team 4 radar scanning the skies, a few gray bottom clouds coming through. no rain coming from those clouds. in fairfax, arlington, low 80s in washington. blue waters of the bay reflecting gorgeous, blue sky.
5:51 pm
tonight for baseball. when you arrive there around 6:00, another hour or so between now and 7:00, upper 70s. first pitch is at 7:05. back down to around 70 degrees. a few clouds floating through. hardly any wind. a light, northwesterly breeze coming through. we've had a few clouds floating over washington. a live view from our tower camera. temperatures with the lower humidity in place dropping back in town to the upper 70s by late this evening. at the bus stop, 70 degrees in the metro area. by 10:00, the students arriving later will be in the mid-70s. storm team 4, love this photograph posted on my twitter page from the sunset yesterday in front royal, virginia, taken by candice trimble. love to see the
5:52 pm
excellent photographs there. temperatures tomorrow, in the mi mid-80s. upper 80s on wednesday and then on thursday, up around 90 degrees. low humidity in place. it does get more humid on thursday and friday and we don't have any rain, any storm chances for the next ten days. but it will be a little humid y over the weekend. up near 90 both days on saturday and sunday. it gets hotter a week from today, up around 90. a week from tomorrow, into the mid-90s. it's not going to last long because after that we get lower humidity returning and temperatures in the 80s after that. and that's the way it looks. >> tom, thanks. a former redskins great has a new team. nfl hall of famer darrell green has been
5:53 pm
assistant to athletic director brad edwards. edwards, a redskins teammate of green's back in the '90s, green will work on enhancing the relationships in the community as well as fundraising initiatives. ironically, george mason does not have a football program. we've been trying to get one since i went there way back when. >> green is the guy to get it done. is there any other guy better than darrell green? >> he's awesome. >> he's good people. growing health concerns with the zika virus in the city of miami. >> this comes as students go back to school in areas where zika is spreading right now. and the pressure being put on congress in the wake of the out brake. stay with us. >> eating and shopping, ahead, i'll show you why the next thing
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dramatic video from iraq as police catch a 14-year-old boy with an explosive belt around his waist. the explosives were safely dismantled. police then took the boy as crowds cheered. he burst in to tears. police caught the boy after another suicide bomber blew himself up. isis
5:57 pm
that attack. turkish officials are saying it's not clear if a deadly suicide bombing this weekend was carried out by a child. the bombing happened at a wedding ceremony on saturday and killed more than 50 people. many of the victims were young children. that attack happened near the country's border with syria and turkey's president vowed to cleanse the area of isis militants. isis has not claimed responsibility for the attack but generally does not take responsibility for attacks in turkey. there are new calls for help tonight as florida tries to stop the spread of zika. doctors have found cases in two miami neighborhoods as kids in those areas get ready to head back to school. as nbc's dan krauth reports, the state and congress should take action. >> reporter: as governor rick scott visited inside the zika zone and talked to community leaders about tackling the crisis, local
5:58 pm
posturing. >> the governor made a big mistake. >> reporter: not giving them heads up that miami was a zika zone. >> he blindsided me and our administration, the county administration. >> reporter: governor, if you were a mayor, wouldn't you want a heads-up? >> what's important -- let's remember, what's important here is the health of our citizens. >> reporter: they are saying the same thing. >> let's remember here, what's important is the health of our citizens. through our department health, the only agency that can confirm whether an individual has zika, we are timely and accurate with our information. >> reporter: workers continue to clear standing water from the areas. they will be spreading by air again this saturday. the county is spending $70,000 a day to fight the virus. they are calling on congress to take action and pass a billion dollars in special funding. >> this is aboutak
5:59 pm
at risk. >> reporter: while doctors are calling this a public health crisis, they are urging people to keep things in spers tepersp. the main concern is pregnant women and those looking to become pregnant. >> only 20% of people show symptoms but they may be infected and may not know they have the virus and they are carrying the virus. in the race for the white house, donald trump considering changing his stance on illegal immigration. the fbi finds 15,000 e-mails belonging to hillary clinton, not previously turned over to investigators. >> 13 dozen signatures from the governor means 13,000 felons would be able to vote again. and the first day of class has come to an end but one school in the district has made
6:00 pm
without some controversy. >> thanks for joining us. i'm chris lawrence in for vance. >> and i'm angie goff. two major developments in the presidential race. donald trump could be reconsidering his promise to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> and the fbi has uncovered thousands of e-mails from hillary clinton's private everybodiers. steve handelsman is uncovering all of these details. >> reporter: these are newly did i discovered by the fbi. hillary clinton's campaign is saying she has nothing to hide. all of these other e-mails should be made public, says the campaign, which is what the federal judge says he wants but the state department is only putting out a few at a time. so


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